The Best Bet You Can Make In Lake Tahoe

There are literally hundreds of options for gambling after skiing/snowboarding in South Lake Tahoe, just visit any one of the Stateline Casinos butted up against the Nevada border. Depending on what you are looking for, there is also something for everyone. If you are looking for a social experience, see our article on the best casino game in town. However, there is only one bet in town that gives you the best odds in your favor, and that is the blackjack table in the Lakeside Casino.

Here’s the deal; bring any Heavenly lift ticket or season pass to the cage on the Lakeside gambling floor. In return, you will receive a voucher worth $5 to match one $5 bet of yours. You can only use Heavenly passes here, no other lake tahoe lift tickets. Since we are going for the best odds here, blackjack gives you the best ratio at 51:49. However, since you have the voucher, your risk/reward is now in your favor. A loss will put you out $5; however a win will put you up $10. That’s it! It’s a simple bet, and although it won’t win you a jackpot it is the best odds you will find in town. This is why we say it is the best gamble you can make after a day of skiing in Lake Tahoe.

This offer is only valid during the ski season, so take advantage of it while you can. You can also play this every day so if you are in town for 6 days, your odds of at least breaking even are pretty good. Let’s say you carried out the 6 day scenario. At odds of 51:49, let’s pretend you won 3 times and lost 3 times, ending up 50/50. For the three days you lost, you lost $15. For the three times you won, you won $30. That puts you up net $15, when all you did was come out even with your win/loss ratio! This logic is of course why you can only play this game once per day and the voucher is only worth $5. They are basically giving you money in the hopes that you stick around and give it right back to them.

In addition, this voucher is not the only thing you get in exchange for showing your season pass or lift ticket. You also get a voucher for one free drink at the bar (worth another $5). Plus, you get access to the best apres ski food special in town, which is located downstairs where you can get cheap fish tacos and cheap slices of pizza until 6pm everyday during the ski season. They also serve $1 PBR beers during those same hours.

Of course this is all a move to get you to spend the rest of your evening at Lakeside Casino, and it works pretty well. These kinds of specials are why this place tends to be a local’s favorite, and why we highly recommend you check it out at least once. Plus, Lakeside is locally owned and we are all for supporting locally-owned businesses.

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